Elemental Queen (Air)
Air Elemental
Hitpoints Attack Style Boss Type
1,250,000 Melee hard

Elemental Queen (Air) is a new Forge boss and has 1.250.000 hitpoints.

You Need 75.000 KC To Kill Elemental Queen (Air)

You can only obtain the Air Set by using a Air Elemental Fragment on the Air Forge.
You need 2.000 Air Elemental Corpses to make a Air Fragment.


Item Quantity Rarity
Air Elemental Corpse Air Elemental Corpse 1 1 Always (100%)
1bil Check 1bil Check 5k/20k 1 Always (100%)
Air Crest Air Crest 1 5 Very rare
Air Robe Top Air Robe Top 1 5 Very rare
Air Robe Bottom Air Robe Bottom 1 5 Very rare
Air Gloves Air Gloves 1 5 Very rare
Air Boots Air Boots 1 5 Very rare
Air Bow Air Bow 1 5 Very rare
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