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This guide will be FULL of what you will expect to find while hunting for guides! Such as what bosses to kill, where to find the clue scroll area, and what items you need to equip. Please use

Clue Scroll Levels: In total we have 4 levels of clues:

  • Normal (3)
  • Hard (5)
  • Elite (8)
  • Divine (Same as Elite)(15)

Hint NPC (Image) Location
Speak To the Banker next of the Altars at Home
Fisherman South of home.
Master Farmer.png
The Farmer can be found at the Farming/Herblore Teleport, under the Skilling Telepo
Bher Dralee
The Herb Dealer can be found at the Farming/Herblore Teleport, under the Skilling Teleports.
inmi sobs dralee
The Miniboss Leader can be found at ::home, next to AFK stalls.
He can be found at the Hunter Teleport, under the Skilling Teleports.
dosafeo sanamli
He can be found at south of home.

Hint Location (Text) Location (Image)
Dig in Front of the  Jail in Seers' village village. This location can be found at West of Seers' Village by the jail cells
On Port-Sarim's most Southern Penninsula, dig behind the tree. This can be accessed by using Port-Sarim Teleport, under the City Teleport
Come to the evil ledge. Go to the Edgeville yews at ::edge and use a spade to dig.
Evil ledge.png
A church laying staticly in the see whom has not seen much life in a while dig outside the rim of the window. Go to Port Sarim and walk South West to the Church. Dig near the stained glass window.Once there use your "Space" and dig on top of the flower
The Brothers Grave Access to this location by teleporting to barrows, going in the middle of the hills and dig in to the ahrim's grave. Climb back up the stairs and dig again at the exact spot you spawn.

Hint Location Location (Image)
Search the ‘Dead Body’ at the White Wolf Mountain. To get to the wolf mountain, tele to catherby via city teleports and follow the path on the picture. Search the Dead Body.
White wolf.png
Search the Crates on the Bridge to the Wizard’s Tower. You can access this area by using the Draynor Village Teleport under the City Teleports, then run South until you encounter the Crates on the Bridge.
Wizard tower.png
Search the Haystack amidst the Barn, North of Draynor Village. You can access this area by using the Draynor Village Teleport under the City Teleports, run North until you reach the Crossroads, then run to the North-East to the Barn, The haystack is at the Eastern Part of the barn.
Search the Boxes at Ardougne’s Harbor. You can access this area by using the Ardougne Teleport under the City Teleport, then run South until you reach the Harbor.

Search the Crate in Canifis’ Costume Shop.

You can access this Area by using the Canifis Teleport under the City Teleports, Run North from here, into the shop with the Green Clothing Logo.

Clue Task & Area Location (Image)

Equip minecraft helm, diamond pickaxe & ice gloves and dance at the spot.

Varrock teleport then run south to the Blue Moon Inn.
Blue moon.png
Equip karil's skirt, white wings & vanguard gloves and jig at the spot. Run north from Falador teleport and Bow before the Statue.
Dizzy dancer.png
Equip flared trousers, black cavalier & gnome scarf and air quitar emote at the spot. To access this location, tele ::market.
Market dance.png
Equip a sirenic minigun & bow at the spot. To access this location, use boss teleports and select siren
Siren Mini.png
Equip pirate boots, gilded platebody & elemental whip and bow at the spot. This is located at east of ::home teleport.
Summer Camp.png
Equip Rainbow boots, Rainbow Gloves & Rainbow Wings and Raspberry at the Bridge north of Canifis. This is located at North of Canifis teleport.
Bridge Canifis.png

Monters/Bosses by level
  • NPC - Rate of Drop
  • Normal Clues (EASY)
  • Rock Crab - 2%
  • Thugbob - 2%
  • Pikachu - 2%
  • Charmander - 2%
  • Flame Torva - 3%
  • Flame Pernix - 3%
  • Beginner Boss - 3.5%
  • The Box King - 5%
  • Droprate - 4%
  • Malevolent Guard - 5%
  • Hard Clues (MEDIUM)
  • American Pernix - 2%
  • American Torva - 2%
  • American Virtus - 2%
  • The Necromancer - 2.5%
  • Olaf - 2.5%
  • Siren - 2.5%
  • Galactic Invader - 2.5%
  • Guardian of Am'Orth - 3%
  • Acidic Predator - 4%
  • Blood Predator - 4%
  • Space Predator - 4%
  • Elite Clues (RARE)
  • Cerberus - 2%
  • Zulrah - 2%
  • Corporeal Beast - 2%
  • Cadmus - 2.5%
  • Khione - 2.5%
  • Artemis - 2.5%

Loots (Normal Clues)

American Pernix Cowl

American Pernix Body

American Pernix Chaps

Pink Minigun

American Virtus Mask

American Virtus Robe Top

American Virtus Robe Bottoms


American Torva Helm

American Torva Platebody

American Tova Platelegs

SJM Katana

Slimer Pet

Collectors Necklace

Ring of Wealth (i)

Thor's Hammer

Sirenic Minigun

Gandolf's Staff

Fortune Lvl 1 Aura

Loots (Hard Clues)

Blood Predator Helm

Blood Predator Body

Blood Predator Legs

Blood Predator Gloves

Blood Predator Boots

Blood Predator Sicle

Blood Predator Sicle Offhand

Super Donator Ticket

Blue Death Cape

Collectors Necklace

Ring of Wealth (i)

Pacman Jr.

Yoshi Pet

Fortune Lvl 2 Aura

Loots (Elite Clues)

Fortune Lvl 3 Aura

Gryffindor Robe Top

Gryffindor Robe Bottoms

Hufflepuff Robe Top

Hufflepuff Robe Bottoms

Ravenclaw Robe Top

Ravenclaw Robe Bottoms

Slytherin Robe Top

Slytherin Robe Bottoms

Cadmus's Spear

Khione's Staff

Artemis's Bow