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This is the Executive zone, the zone will be displayed here

This zone is NOT a Aoe Zone, each kill is 1 Executive point


Upon purchasing an Executive rank, you will receive 7% Drop Rate! You get the Executive rank ingame and a instance zone!

While wearing the Executive cape you are granted with insane Hybrid stats! All Stats are 25.000.!


The Executive Zone is the Second Best Zone in the game!! You find Demonic Spawn here

To access The Executive Zone, You are going to first have to become an Executive donator, how do I become an executive donator? You may ask yourselves, it's simply just obtaining the executive cape by Donating $300 For the rank!

Demon Spawn Elite.png

Executive Shop
Executive Demonic Exchange.png

- Demonic Set - 1,000 Executive Points Each Piece

- Demonic Staff - 1,500 Executive Points

- Executive Cape - 1 Executive Points

You can use the Executive Points by right click 'Demonic Spawn Elite' and click Trade

Right Click Demon.png

Demon Spawn Elite.png

There are 10 Demonic Spawn's to attack in this zone.

What kind of rares you can get in this Zone

- Advanced Mystery Box.png Advanced Mystery Box

- Advanced Mystery Box Key.png Advanced Mystery Box Key

- Supreme Mystery Box.png Supreme Mystery Box

- Supreme Mystery Box Key.png Supreme Mystery Box Key

- Auragenic Box(1).png Auragenic Box(1)

- Auragenic Box(2).png Auragenic Box(2)

- Auragenic Box(1) Key.png Auragenic Box(1) Key

- Auragenic Box(2) Key.png Auragenic Box(2) Key