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Pets will be catogorized based on the strength of their abilities

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== Pets ==

(Lists of the Pets that is obtainable by another way then by Drops)
Icon Name Obtaining Way Drop Rate Bonus SoulSplit Effect Damage Per Tick
Slimer Pet.png
Slimer Pet Boss Arena Shop
X mark.png
X mark.png
Le'Rona Pet.png
Le'Rona Pet $40 Donation 2%
X mark.png
Chucky Pet.png
Chucky Pet $75 Donation 4%
X mark.png
Hellcat Pet.png Hellcat Pet Divine Mystery Box 0%
X mark.png
Heartless Pet.png
Heartless Pet $150 Donation 6%
X mark.png
BabyYoda Pet.png
Baby Yoda Pet $300 Donation 8%
X mark.png
Rex Pet.png
Rex Pet $400 Donation 10%
X mark.png

== Cosmetics Pets ==

(List of Boss Pets.)

Icon Name Obtaining Way
Malevolent Guard.png
Malevolent Pet Egg Malevolent Guard
Seraphin Boss.png
Seraphic Pet Egg Seraphic
Siren Boss.png
Siren Pet Egg Siren
Empyrean Boss.png
Empyrean Pet Egg Empyrean
Galactic Invader.png
Galactic Invader Pet Egg Galactic Invader
Rogue Boss.png
Rogue Pet Egg Rogue
Predator Assassin.png
Predator Assassin Pet Egg Predator Assassin
Predator Druid.png
Predator Druid Pet Egg Predator Druid
Predator Archer.png
Predator Archer Pet Egg Predator Archer
Daegon Pet Egg Daegon
Tal'Gara Pet Egg Tal'Gara
Shade Pet Egg Shade
Destroyer of Worlds.png
Destroyer of World's Pet Egg Destroyer of Worlds
Polyphorian Pet Egg Polyphorian
Dragon Hunter.png
Dragon Hunter Pet Egg Dragon Hunter
Storm Break.png
Storm Breaker Pet Egg Storm Breaker
Vulgarian Pet Egg Vulgarian
Jade Archer Pet Egg Jade Archer
Loyal Dwarf Pet.png
Loyal Dwarf Pet Loyal Dwarf Boss
Diablo Pet.png
Diablo Pet Diablo Boss
Nex Pet.png
Nex Pet Nex Boss
Saradomic Pet.png
Saradomic Pet Saradomic Boss
Lunarian Prince Pet.png
Lunarian Prince Pet Lunarian Prince Boss
Captain Blackbeard Pet.png
Captain Blackbeard Pet Captain Blackbeard Boss
Divine Donator Pet.png
Divine Donator Pet Divine Donator Boss