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The World Boss is a great way to make money, whether you're new or a seasoned veteran Divination player.

The World Bosses spawn every 2 & every 12 hours respectively, and is accessible through a randomly generated portal on the world map. There are 2 tiers of world bosses, regular and mega. They are a very rewarding boss to kill, given you finish within the top 7 damage dealers

World Boss

The Regular World Boss is the easiest of the 2 to kill, and is more welcoming to the newer players as the tier of weapon required to deal damage to this boss is far more accessible. The weapons needed to kill this boss range from Tier 9 Boss weapons or Raid Boss weapons.

This tier of World Boss spawns with 15 million hit points and is relatively fast to kill when with a team of 5 well equipped players.

Mega World Boss

The Mega World Boss is an stronger varient of the Regular World Boss, spawning with a lot more hitpoints, and in turn, taking a lot longer to kill. As well as this, to damage the Mega World Boss you must use a Forge Boss weapon


Upon spawning, a randomly selected NPC & required weapon is chose meaning each World Boss is a slightly different fight.

The Regular World Boss will pick a weapon from the following list: Vulgarian Staff, Jade Bow, Storm Breaker Maul, Diabolic Bow, Elder Wand, Raiden's Staff, Guardian's Katana & Electronic Katana

The Mega World Boss follows the same spawning method and will randomly pick a weapon from the following list: Armadilic Bow, Bandorian Kyzaj, Saradomic Staff & Zamorakian Bow


World bosses have 2 different healing mechanics implemented.

The first healing mechanic is calculated by If damage dealt x period of time < damage cap then the boss heals. In other words, if not enough damage is dealt in a certain time period then the boss will gradually heal back to full health.

The second healing mechanic is much easier to understand. Once the boss has a total of 30% of it's health remaining (4.5 million HP) then it will gradually regenerate a bit of it's health.


After the World Boss has been killed, the top 5 damage dealers will be granted a reward.

1st Spot - 3 World Keys or Boxes

2nd & 3rd Spot - 2 World Keys or Boxes

4th & 5th Spot - 1 World Key or Box

Once you have 1 World Key & 1 World Box, you are able to open it for a range of end-game items. You are also able to convert 2 World Keys into 1 World Box, or 2 World Boxes into 1 World Key by right clicking on the respective item in your inventory and hitting 'convert'.

Item Quantity Rarity
TrinityFragment.png TrinityFragment 1 2 Common ()
Armadilic Fragment.png Armadilic Fragment 1 3 Uncommon ()
Bandorian Fragment.png Bandorian Fragment 1 3 Uncommon ()
Saradomic Fragment.png Saradomic Fragment 1 3 Uncommon ()
Zamorakian Fragment.png Zamorakian Fragment 1 3 Uncommon ()
Captain's Fragment.png Captain's Fragment 1 5 Very rare ()
Lunarian Fragment.png Lunarian Fragment 1 5 Very rare ()
Fragment of Raijin's Lightning.png Fragment of Raijin's Lightning 1 5 Very rare ()
$5 Donation Credit.png $5 Donation Credit 1 5 Very rare ()
Perilous Helm.png Perilous Helm 1 8 Divine ()
Perilous Platebody.png Perilous Platebody 1 8 Divine ()
Perilous Platelegs.png Perilous Platelegs 1 8 Divine ()
Perilous Gloves.png Perilous Gloves 1 8 Divine ()
Perilous Boots.png Perilous Boots 1 8 Divine ()
Perilous Staff.png Perilous Staff 1 8 Divine ()
Perilous Offhand.png Perilous Offhand 1 8 Divine ()